Build Your Brand

Because Image Is Everything

1 Day To A Better Brand Image

1 day is all it takes to build your brand with creative and professional videos and images that can be used in all of your marketing.

You're working hard to get the job done. You don't have time to spend hanging around in trees to take photos, looking for video opportunities, editing images, and getting it all online.

So let us do it for you.

Because if you don't LOOK good, customers think you AREN'T good!


What Does BUILD YOUR BRAND Include?

Build Your Brand is a 1-day intensive marketing program designed to create the images and video you need to stand out from the crowd.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 5 professionally shot and edited videos of you, your crew, your equipment or whatever else you’d like. The best videos are ones in which you explain or demonstrate something your customers are curious about. We'll walk you through exactly how to do that in a way that appeals to your ideal customers.
  • Professional photography and video of crew members at work, including in the tree canopy. As a Licensed Arborist and climber, Jack will work with you to take still and video shots from up high.
  • Video is of no use to you if no one sees it. We'll create an optimized YouTube channel with the new videos uploaded to it and ready to roll. The videos can then be embedded on your website and/or social media channels.
  • A deep dive into your existing marketing efforts, both online and offline. We’ll look at what you’re doing and recommend specific actions to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • We'll work with you to develop a marketing plan to use your new photos and videos. You’ll know exactly what to do with it and how to implement that.

We’re offering Build Your Brand to tree care companies along the TCMS Road Show travel route, but you'll have to sign up before we arrive in your town. The program takes considerable advance planning to set up so it’s difficult to do as a last-minute thing.

Plus, we only have 1 or 2 openings left in each location - so call 520-428-6959 or email us now so you don't miss out!

Where Will We Be?

We're able to do Build Your Brand sessions in the following locations between June 1 and September 30:

  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Denver, CO
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Columbus, OH
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Burlington, VT
  • Worcester, MA
  • Hartford, CT
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • San Antonio, TX

We'll also be traveling through California between November 6 and 20.

Don't see your city listed? Let us know! Depending on where you're located, we may be able to come to you during the TCMS Road Show.


We only have openings for 1 or 2 companies per location.

About the TCMS Road Show

We're traveling across the USA in an RV for four months to do something no one does any more - visit our clients!

Of course there's more to it than that ... we'll be holding Build Your Brand sessions with clients (plus a few others - maybe even you?) AND working with TCIA to deliver Marketing Workshops for tree care pros in select cities.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 520-428-6959 or send us an email.


Road Show Launches in ...


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