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Who do we work with?

We work with professional tree service providers and suppliers to the tree care industry. Our clients typically have one or more ISA Certified Arborists on staff, and many are TCIA Accredited companies (or are working toward accreditation).

To ensure that we can give you the service and results you're looking for, we only work with one company per service area.

We don't work with companies that are looking for a "quick fix" to get the phones ringing, or who just want someone to run AdWords or drive leads. And if you're interested in ways to "game the system" then we're not the company for you.

Most clients come to us after experiencing frustration with marketing companies who don't understand the tree care industry and/or trying to manage their online presence on their own. After realizing that they're not getting the website traffic, phone calls or business that they expected, they call us ...

Below are some of the companies we've worked with. Each one is unique but all have seen dramatic improvements in the volume of business generated through their online presence since they started working with us.

Does This Sound Like You?

You have a website but it hasn't been updated in a while and you're not sure it's showing up well in the Google search results.

You've worked with one or more marketing companies that promised the make the phone ring but somehow that hasn't quite worked out.

You don't have time to figure out how to make all of this online stuff work properly.

We get it! And that's why we're here to get it done right so you can focus on what you do best - running a tree care business.

2017 TCIA Professional Communications Award

Arbor Experts - Dayton, OH

BEFORE: Arbor Experts came to us with an old, outdated website that wasn't bringing in business, a languishing Facebook page and no other online presence. We built everything from scratch, including a new website, all new content (including a blog), an updated Facebook page and a monthly email newsletter. We also created a series of educational videos and built a new YouTube channel as part of our Build Your Brand service.

AFTER: Comparing the 4-month period after we completed the project against the same 4-month period the year before (with their previous website) shows a 31% increase in unique website visitors, with a 127% increase in the greater Dayton area (i.e., a much larger proportion of website visitors are within their service area). Organic traffic increased 54.8% and now comprises over half of total website traffic, while direct traffic stayed constant and the proportion of traffic received through paid ads fell by 8.7%. Overall, Arbor Experts is paying less for more (and more targeted) traffic.


Paul Burns, owner of Arbor Experts

"Because TCMS is dedicated to the success of tree care companies they have provided much better results than the companies we used previously."

Paul Burns, Arbor Experts – Dayton, OH


Barts Tree Service - Danbury, CT

We've worked with Barts since 2013 to upgrade their entire online presence, from a new website to email marketing and Google AdWords. The end result is a #1 placement in the Google local search results for almost every tree care service Barts offers while sharply decreasing ad spend.



Monica’s efforts greatly increased our online presence with a much more cost effective solution which is yielding better than expected results and best of all its freed me up to grow the business.”

Matt Bartelme, Barts Tree Service – Winner of TCIA’s 2015 Professional Communications Award for his new website built by ITG Multimedia


Connecticut Tree Protective Association (CTPA)

When CTPA decided that they needed to upgrade a seriously outdated website, they turned to TCMS to develop the new website content, design, architecture and functionality. We created a site that CTPA can easily update with new content whenever they need, and included critical features, such as a membership listing, individual logins, online payment and registration for events and membership renewals, and news updates that integrate with their email service provider (so an update created on the website is automatically emailed to the membership).



“Absolutely spectacular work. The new web page looks so clean, clear and professional.”

Connecticut Tree Protective Association

2018 TCIA Professional Communications Award

Organic Plant Care - Flemington NJ

BEFORE: Organic Plant Care LLC (a TCIA Accredited tree care company) had a slow, confusing website with little traffic (much of which was outside their service area). They were paying for Google Ads to drive leads and struggling to build a consistent online presence.

We increased targeted organic traffic by 92% while reducing the percentage of visitors from outside OPC's service area. Compared to when OPC's ads were run by a "premier Google Partner", we have more than tripled the click-through rate, dropped total cost by 65% and reduced the cost per lead by 70%, all while increasing the number of conversions and quality of leads. A recent ROI analysis showed that OPC sold $7.07 of work for every
$1 spent on online marketing.


We made a great decision when we hired and continue to retain TCMS to improve our website and our online presence. Their great credentials, experience and knowledge of arboriculture are invaluable in helping us achieve our high rankings and online relevance.

Bill Grundmann, Organic Plant Care LLC – Frenchtown, NJ


LAM Tree Service - Evergreen CO

BEFORE: LAM Tree Service needed a completely new website that ranked well in the search engines (prospects weren't finding them online), positioned them as a local expert, and allowed customers to pay their invoice and approve proposals online.

 The new website consistently attracts local, organic traffic, with a 134% year over year increase in website visitors. In just the few months after implementing the Customer Portal, 405 customers used the online portal to approve a proposal, 416 paid online and 303 confirmed a service visit online, vastly cutting down on administrative time. The monthly e-newsletter to customers and leads (which we write and manage) has a 48.4% open rate and generates additional business every month.


Green Vista Tree Care - Alexandria VA

BEFORE: Green Vista had virtually no online presence (other than an outdated website that generated very little traffic) and was relying on a paid presence on Angie’s List / Home Advisor and a high volume of expensive Google Ads to bring in business.

The website consistently generates over 100 leads per month through organic traffic, with Angie’s List / Home Advisor accounting for only 7.8% and Google Ads for 38.6% of leads (and dropping). Ad spend has decreased to less than 15% of previous amounts and the cost per lead has dropped by $97.24!



Independent Tree - Newbury OH

Independent Tree's old website was outdated and was not mobile responsive or well optimized to drive traffic. After a website rebuild and thorough SEO upgrade, traffic increased 81% year over year (including a 92% increase in organic traffic versus direct or paid), was more focused on the relevant service area and brought viewers deeper into the website.



Green Environs - Fairfield County, CT

Green Environs is a plant health care company that serves a large part of western Connecticut. The website was built to showcase their different services and present a cohesive brand image that appealed to their ideal customers.


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