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Is your tree service marketing working for you?

Are you still in the "swamp" of paid leads that are shared with other tree service companies in your town? Building your business on a shaky foundation of "rented" online properties you don't own, like Facebook or a lead generation site?

Or is your tree care marketing - and your business - on firm ground, with a strong digital foundation? Is your tree service marketing agency moving you up the pyramid, growing your business and bringing in highly-targeted, qualified leads?

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Monica's worked in the online marketing world since 1999. As a Licensed Arborist and former owner of a landscape company, she knows the industry inside-out. She specializes in building a strong online presence that brings in a steady stream of business.




Jack's a Licensed Arborist who's spent 20 years in the tree care industry and owned his own successful tree service, In the Trees, for 10 years. He specializes in helping tree care companies work through the online marketing process.

2018 TCIA Professional Communications Award
3-Time Winner!

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Thought-provoking ideas. Jargon-free explanations. Actionable tips to help you grow your tree care business.

Google’s Helpful Content Update Hits Tree Service Websites

Many tree care companies will see huge website ranking changes from Google’s helpful content update. Learn why and how it’ll affect your website, what to do if your rankings tank, and how to rise to the top of the search results by creating helpful content.

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Domain Name Expiration Letter Scam: Don’t Fall For This!

Many people fall prey to a common scam in which companies send misleading invoices for domain name registration renewals. Not only can it result in unnecessary charges, but you can also lose control over your domain names. Learn how to avoid this scam and ensure the security of your domain names.

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Are Online Reviews Still Worthwhile?

Online reviews can have a huge impact on a tree service company’s success. But with more fake reviews, less trust in online reviews, and more extreme reviews, what should you do?

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Is Your Online Reputation Killing Your Business?

It used to be so simple. When it came to business, you said what you meant, did what you said, and as a result, people said nice things about you. Candor, honesty, and reliability resulted in a rock solid reputation. But nowadays, your reputation is developed FOR you. So what can you do to build and maintain a great reputation?

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10 Common Mailchimp Mistakes – And What To Do Instead

Are you making any of these common Mailchimp (email marketing) mistakes? And what SHOULD you be doing instead? If you hate email marketing, don’t do it consistently, or can’t get it to “work”, then this article and video will show you how to overcome the mistakes and make it easier and more effective.

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Quick Reads

What's new in digital marketing & what to do about it

The Goal of SEO is NOT to Rank #1

A #1 ranking in the Google search results is completely worthless if your website is not designed to convert that traffic into leads and sales!

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Not Using Google Search Console? Then You’re Losing Business

If you’re not using Google Search Console then you’re flying blind. Chances are, you’ll be blindsided by critical website problems you never knew about and you can’t optimize your website to bring in more business. So here’s a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to set it up correctly (most people do it wrong) so you can get started.

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Google Local Services: Should (and Can) You Use It For Your Tree or Lawn Service Business?

Google has expanded Local Services ads to tree & lawn care companies in several states. Should you use it? Here’s what it is & why it could be good for you.

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The Quickest Way to Speed Up Your Website

QUICK SUMMARY Google just rolled out their Speed Update, which considers how quickly your website loads on mobile devices to determine the site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Although Google claims that “very few” websites will be negatively affected, it’s pretty clear that the affected sites will mostly be small business sites…

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Can’t Use Apps to Post Content to Your Facebook Profile? Here’s Why

  QUICK SUMMARY As part of its push to create “meaningful interactions” on its platform, Facebook announced on April 25 that new apps will no longer be able to publish posts to Facebook as the logged in user. In other words, you can’t use an app to schedule out content and have it automatically post.…

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Ways to Outrank the “Big Guns” in the Local Search Results

QUICK SUMMARY You’re trying everything you can think of to get your website ranked on the first page of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). So it’s frustrating to see SERPs filled with nothing but review sites and other aggregators, like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Thumbtack and more. These sites rank at the top…

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Are You Taking Advantage of the Facebook Cover Image?

  SUMMARY The obvious thing most business owners miss on their Facebook business page (you do have one, right??) is the huge amount of prime real estate right at the top of the page – the cover image. If you’re not making it work for you, then you’re missing out. The right size for the…

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Why You Cannot Ask Customers For a Yelp Review

  SUMMARY Did you know that Yelp’s terms of service expressly prohibit you from soliciting reviews? And that Yelp penalizes companies that do this, causing them to virtually disappear from the Yelp results? Actually, most review sites have policies that prevent you from directly asking customers for positive reviews (i.e., only asking individuals who’ve had…

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