Google My Business - getting Started

To set up and/or optimize your Google My Business profile, we need some very specific information. It may seem like we're asking for a lot, but this is what Google expects to see! Please complete every question to the best of your ability. If there's something you can't answer, let us know and we'll do our best to help you come up with a response.

We'll start setting up/optimizing your GMB profile and developing a plan for GMB posts (if applicable) when the completed form is received.

GMB Intake Form

"*" indicates required fields

Business Address*
This should be the address where your business is physically located (no PO boxes or virtual offices). Please complete it exactly as it should appear everywhere online (e.g., on your website, social media profiles, online listings) - this needs to be correct and consistent.
Contact Person*
Who should we contact with any questions?
Sometimes, Google requires us to verify that we're "legitimate" by sending a verification code to the phone number associated with the Google/GMB account (usually, it's a cell phone). What is the # associated with the account?

For Google My Business Optimization

2a. Which holidays are you CLOSED for?*
3a. Does your business have a physical location where customers can visit and/or people can walk in off the street?*
3b. Does your business provide services at your business location, at the client's site, or elsewhere?*
Please check all that apply.
5. Check all attributes that apply to your business:*
NOTE: If your business does not have a physical location that customers visit/enter, ignore the items about wheelchair accessibility and restrooms.
Google allows 750 characters max. We'll rewrite this to fit with Google's requirements.
For example, describe your services, service locations, certifications, what you're proudest of, guarantees, if you're available 24/7 for emergencies, etc.
List the most important services/products you provide, along with a very brief description of each (so there's no confusion about exactly what you mean for each item). We'll add them to GMB and edit as needed to fit with Google's requirements.
7. Date your company was founded:*

For GMB Management Plans

If we will be managing your GMB account and publishing posts ($350/mo), we'll need all of the information below. Please complete every question to the best of your ability.
Please provide a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 words or phrases (including the names of your products/services). For example, pruning, organic lawn care, tree removal, stump grinding. Don't worry about them being exact - we just need to know what you most want to be found for online.
What are the top 10 questions AND answers asked by your customers regarding your products and/or services? If you have an FAQ page on your website with at least 10 questions and answers, provide the link below. If you don’t have an FAQ on your website, you may want to visit competitors’ websites for inspiration. We recommend a minimum of 10 questions and answers for your GMB profile.
14. Images Used on GMB - Can we use stock photography in your posts?*
We generally use a combination of images you provide (which is always our priority) and stock photography (free or licensed royalty-free by us) for the posts we create. If there is any reason you wish for us to use only images you provide, we require that you add no less than 50 images to Google Drive prior to service commencement. If you do not have 50 photos, select 'Yes' below and we will always try to use what you have first and augment with relevant stock photos when necessary.
15. Do you want to receive a weekly text reminder to add photos to your GMB profile?*
You'll simply reply to the text with one or more photos attached and it will automatically be added to your GMB profile. No need to log in, send anything by email, format, etc. - it's all taken care of for you! All you need to do is attach a photo from your phone when you reply to the text.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.