Why You Should Ask Customers to Take Photos

A recent study of consumer behavior by Bazaarvoice found that:

  • Two-thirds of consumers prefer customer-generated images to images created professionally for companies
  • Over half agree that social media influences purchases

Why should you care?

While this research focused on shoppers in general (rather than home or business owners), it suggests that you can improve your bottom line by posting customer's photos on your social media accounts.

What you can do

Think about ways to post more customer-generated images on social media. For example:

  • How can you encourage customers to post photos of the work you did or products they purchased on your Facebook page or Instagram account? Before and after photos are especially good!
  • Do you have an Instagram #hashtag or Facebook tag they can use so you'll be notified about their post and can easily repost/share it?
  • How about asking them to post their photos on your Google My Business profile? (you're regularly adding photos to your GMB album, right???)
  • Can you set up a reminder email or call to ask recent customers to share photos online or send them to you directly (you can credit them when you post the pics online)?
  • Can you include it as part of your 'ask' when you ask for a review?

Photos of your work are a critical piece of your online presence. Make it easier for yourself by encouraging customers to take and share photos for you!

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