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When you submit the form, you'll be automatically taken to the next form where you'll enter all of the details we need to set up and optimize your GMB profile. You'll also receive a receipt by email for whichever setup/optimization plan you choose.

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Please select the plan you need below. Both options include adding/editing all relevant company information, adding photos, adding or editing services/products, and 5 Q&A's.
1. Set up and optimize a new profile - Choose this option if you have NOT yet claimed and verified your GMB profile.
2. Optimize an existing profile - This is the option for you if you've already claimed and verified your GMB profile and have access to your account (so you can add TCMS as a manager). If you don't know how to log into your account or don't have access, please choose option 1.
*** Please note that this is only for the initial setup & optimization of your profile. It does not include ongoing management.
We accept all major credit cards. Note that the expiry date and CVC security code are both required; you'll find them to the right of the credit card number.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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