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Citations Are ‘Table Stakes’ for Local Businesses

If you don’t have your citations in order, you’re killing your chances of appearing in the local pack and organic listings in the Google search results.

Why Getting Online Reviews Is Critical

When it comes to online reviews, the biggest deciding factors in whether a consumer will do business with a company are …

Major Change to Google Ads (formerly AdWords) – Use It To Get Better Results

Google recently added an extra headline and description to expanded text ads (there are now 3 headlines & 2 description fields). What does it mean for you?

Google is Recording Calls From Your Ads

Google will now record a sample of calls to your business from Google Ads that have call extensions enabled. Agree to it or you can’t use call extensions.

Google+ Is Shutting Down August 2019 

You’ve probably already heard that Google is shutting down its beleaguered social network, Google+ in August 2019. What should you do?

Instagram: Should You Use It For Your Business?

The days when you could jump into Instagram and quickly gain an engaged audience without paying for it are coming to an end.

Blog Articles

The Two Reasons You’re Not Getting More Tree Care Customers (and How to Fix the Problem Today)

There are only 2 reasons you’re not getting more customers. That’s right – only two. But they can make or break your business. Discover what they are and how to overcome them to bring in more business today.

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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

hiring a digital agency

You probably get hundred of calls and emails from “marketers” promising to get your company ranked #1 on Google.

So how do you know which ones are legit, and which are just blowing smoke?

Here are six things to look for in evaluating potential marketing partners …

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Why a #1 Google Ranking Doesn’t Always Get You More Tree Care Customers

Right now, thousands of tree care companies are fighting for that # 1 Google ranking that supposedly “solves their cash flow problems.” But that’s only a piece of the puzzle. Several years ago, the owner of a tree care company came to me, frustrated that the SEO company he hired didn’t get them much business. They got him…

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Tree Care Marketing Claims You Should Never Believe

Just about every day, you may get calls from marketers promising to get you ranked on page 1 of Google. Determining who’s legit can be overwhelming! If you hear these marketing claims, be very careful. A)  “We can guarantee you’ll get ranked on the first page of Google within 90 days” Never give your money…

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6 Online Marketing Myths That Will Lose Customers For Your Tree Care Company

Think online marketing won’t work for your tree care company? Don’t believe the myths! Learn the real truth about what works and what doesn’t – you may be surprised!

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Is Your Online Reputation Killing Your Business?

It used to be so simple. When it came to business, you said what you meant, did what you said, and as a result, people said nice things about you. Candor, honesty, and reliability resulted in a rock solid reputation. But nowadays, your reputation is developed FOR you. So what can you do to build and maintain a great reputation?

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Email Marketing: What The Heck Do I Write About?

5 Content Categories for Effective Email Marketing

You know that email marketing works best when you’re consistent in sending out valuable emails. But what the heck do you write about? If you’ve run out of ideas, here are 5 types of content that’ll get your readers’ attention.

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9 Reasons No One Reads Your Company Blog

9 reasons no one reads your company blog

Don’t waste the time, effort, and money to keep your blog going if you’re not bringing in readers and keeping them engaged. Think about it. Why do you have a blog in the first place? Are you meeting those goals? If not, here are the 9 biggest mistakes companies make with their blgos and how to fix them.

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The 2 Keys to Keeping Your Email Marketing Legal

privacy - Email Marketing & Legal Issues

Anti-spam laws. Privacy. How do you stay compliant with all the laws and still send impactful marketing emails? Here’s what you need to know …

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